Rohtak DBA

Rohtak (District):

In 1824, Rohtak district was formed as a separate unit consisting of Gohana, Kharakhauda-Mandothi, Rohtak-Beri and Meham-Bhiwani tehsil(s).

Before March 1, 1955, for judicial administration the Rohtak district was tagged to the Karnal district and as such only one District and Sessions Judge was appointed for the two districts. Finding this arrangement cumbersome for lawyers as well as litigants, the Bar represented against it and as a result, a separate District and Sessions Judge was posted at Rohtak.

Rohtak was declared a separate Sessions Division on 01.03.1955 and Shri Jwala Dass was posted as First District and Sessions Judge at Rohtak and Shri Ram Gopal Kohli was posted as Senior Sub Judge, Rohtak on 09.04.1959.

The Court of Additional District and Sessions Judges, which was presided by Shri B.S. Yadav, established at Rohtak on 28.08.1967.

Beside the one Court of District and Sessions Judge, there are six Courts of Additional District and Sessions Judges, Court of Civil Judge (Sr. Divn.), Chief Judicial Magistrate and six Courts of Civil Judges (Jr. Divn.) and one Court of Additional Civil Judge (Sr. Divn.), Meham presently functioning in Sessions Division, Rohtak. One Labour Court and one Consumer Court are also functioning. One Court of Special Judicial Magistrate, one Court of Permanent Lok Adalat for Public Utility Services and one Court of Permanent and Continuous Lok Adalat (Samjhauta Sadan) have also been installed in this Sessions Division and they are functioning in Judicial Court Complex building. District Courts are functioning in Judicial Courts Complex Building situated near Mini Secretariat, Sonepat Stand, Rohtak

The Bar Association, Rohtak, was founded in 1889. From initially strength of 40 members, the District Bar Association has also grown in strength and presently, there are 2000 (approx.)advocates enrolled as members of District Bar Association. There is a separate bar association at Sub Division Meham.